7 financial tips for deployment: Free checklist download!

Financial Tips for Deployment

When preparing for military deployment, it’s imperative to think ahead because the average time of a tour of duty can vary greatly. Therefore, military personnel will want to organize their finances, and often their family’s finances, before heading overseas.


It pays to think ahead. This simple checklist covers the top seven ways to prepare your finances before deployment:


  • Create a monthly budget based on the estimated duration of your leave
  • Go digital with direct deposits, automatic bill pay, and electronic statements
  • Designate someone to supervise your financial accounts
  • Consider switching to a Roth IRA if you’re receiving tax-free, combat-zone pay
  • Establish insurance policies that are right for you by determining the appropriate coverage
  • Build an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses
  • Prevent future legal issues by drafting a will and power of attorney document


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